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Riley’s Cousin. He has been loving the biscuits of course! I think I’ll have to try the really big ones with my next order.

California Girls!!!

Six week old Havanese girls with Championship bloodlines from Brentwood with their house mate Max the Bichon watching over them!


My 4 year old Shih Tzu is called Beach Girl Hattie…Hattie for short. She has to be on a very special diet because of tummy problems and your treats worked wonders for her!


Lulu….She’s turned several of her “pals” on to Bentley’s! And who could resist that face!


Not sure who rescued who?! He’s the “love” of his new mummies life, Jules of Crown Jules Designs – Custom Dog Collars from Carefree, Arizona!

Makena and Kaloko

Wow! These Bentley’s Biscuits are lip smacking good! I will tell my friends about them but I am not giving any of mine away!


Pumpkin is a Clumber Spaniel that goes by the name of “Pumpkin”! Guess what her favorite Bentley’s flavor is?

Todd and Winnie

Our human discovered Bentley’s Biscuits while volunteering for the Lions in front of AJ’s!


A Mini Schnauzer, Oliver, is really smart and plays non-stop. When he wants a treat, Oliver will bark to let you know it’s time to go to the “cookie room”. Of course, he already has his humans trained! Oliver wants to send his thanks to Bentley for the biscuits he just got today!


Murdoch is an 8 year old Westie registered Therapy Dog that visits a 105 year old woman in Phoenix every week while in town for the winter months.


My dad brought some of these biscuits home and for the first time, I actually saw Lilly drool. Now, whenever we go to my parents house Lilly runs right to my dad and promptly sits for her treat.

New puppy on the way!

Also to be raised on Bentley’s!


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