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Windy & Archie

When I went to AZ in November of last year for the winter, I discovered AJ’s and there I found your Bentley’s biscuits with a very low percentage of protein. We thought it was fate since one of our previous dogs was named Bentley. Since our guy was only 10 months old and loved treats, I bought multiple bags of the healthy treats that he and his momma Bernese Mountain dog love.

Archie has two vets in AZ – All Creatures in Phoenix and Midway Veterinary Clinic (vet school) in Glendale. The vets’ treats are full of protein and that includes the kidney vet at Midway. Archie has two vets here in Colorado – one for the kidney issues and a general vet. Every time I go to any of these vets, I bring a bag of your treats with Archie and won’t let them use any other treats but these because of the low protein. They have all been impressed that I found a great tasting, low protein treat for my poor guy with kidney issues.

Bentley Getting Treats in the Mail.


Bentley’s Mother is an Old English Sheepdog. His Father is a Bloodhound. We went to a rescue shelter in Ohio to get him.

Wolf Hybrid

Wolf Hybrid rescued from AZ Humane Society by “The Dog Man” of Phantoms Ranch

Fritz and Warner

Ella and Brook with their “Best Friends” Fritz and Warner!


A Husky – Another success story from AAWL!


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