Welcome to Bentley’s Ltd., the home of Bentley’s Biscuits!
These all natural, homemade dog treats are made to satisfy the most discriminating pet owner’s requirements for a nutritious treat to compliment their pet’s otherwise healthy diet. Not found in big retailers, but rather choosing to cater to the more selective, boutique clientele who guard the health of their pets.

  • Apples & Oats

    Our most popular flavor, even the Humans like it for a “carb curbing” snack! The aroma of cinnamon and oats hits you when you open the bag! Made with: Rolled oats, unsweetened 100% apple juice, whole wheat flour and fresh eggs.
  • Peanut Butter

    Ahh, the smell of fresh roasted peanuts! Dogs go crazy for peanut butter! Made with: The highest quality all natural, unsweetened 100% peanut butter, mixed with rolled oats, whole wheat flour and fresh eggs.
  • Health Dog

    Made with whole pumpkin, Health Dog is our lowest calorie, highest fiber treat! Pumpkin is known to be good for the digestion. Made with: Whole pumpkin, rolled oats, whole wheat flour, cinnamon and fresh eggs.
  • Chicken

    Intense chicken flavor, sure to tempt even the pickiest of pets! Made with: Real chicken broth, whole wheat flour and fresh eggs.


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